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Why Such an Early Payment Date

For the last year the Reunion Committee has been vacillating between two options:

  1. Use professional Reunion Planners at a cost of about $135.00 a person; or
  2. Do the planning and “Classmate Searching” ourselves for a cost of about $75.00.

We knew there would be A LOT OF WORK involved in doing the planning and searching ourselves, but we finally decided to “bite the bullet” and take upon the responsibility ourselves.

cut costsAs a result of this there are thousands of dollars of advance costs and deposits that must be made as well as attendance guarantees to be fulfilled, and we need to make sure that the money advanced will be returned.  In addition, since nothing is done “in house”, we have to complete arrangements for the “Juke Box”, the “Photo Booth”, the decorations and ambiance for the Club, as well as picture plans, NAME TAGS, and other assorted items of fun and necessity, all of which have to be finished, as much as possible, months before the event.

So, by getting you all to commit and pay early, we can meet our deadlines and plan a GREAT AFFAIR.  It has nothing to do with trying to make extra money – it has everything to do with knowing who is coming as early as possible.

Some of you have indicated that you can’t plan that far in advance.  Some of you have indicated that you need more time to save the money.

SO – we will extend the “early rate” payment date until September 15, 2013.  After that time you will no longer be able to sign up “on line” but will have to contact Bob or Steffi to reserve your place at the Reunion.  SO, if you are having problems, if you will contact Bob Michaels before the September 15 deadline, arrangements can be worked out.  Also, we are committed to refunding your money in full if you can’t attend up until two weeks before the event.

Thanks for your understanding.  We are all volunteers and we are doing our best to provide you with the VERY BEST REUNION POSSIBLE for the LOWEST PRICE !!!

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