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Fairfax Class of 1963 is planning the 50th Reunion

Greetings Friends:

Fifty years ago we were together, in high school, with the other “Lords and Ladies”, at Fairfax High, in the heart of the “borscht” belt of Los Angeles, California.

After two separate graduations, one in the Winter and another in the Summer we all went our separate ways.  We were the first of the “War Babies”, the early “Baby Boomers” and together we had a very large class – almost 900 people.

We have had several reunions where a few dedicated members of the classes provided a forum for us to re-encounter, share memories, expound on life experiences, and for many of us, “kvell” about children.

Now, 50 years later, we have the chance to meet again, and to reunite with friends of a past where so many of us shared common experiences.

During our day, you went to school in your neighborhood, and this created an almost homogeneous environment of people from common background.  We were no different and as a result of OUR background and family experiences, most of us excelled in academics.  Our years sent more children on to College than any other years before or since.

Class of 1963Today we live in an age where communication is almost instantaneous, gratification almost immediate, and we have toys, whistles and daily implements that were never even imagined while we were in school.  We have fought wars, suffered famine, race riots, and economic hardship.

Yet, we endure.  We are here, and many of us will come back to the “ghetto” 50 years later to share experiences.

Over the years the Reunion Committee has learned that we just want to “have fun” – to meet and greet and share stories.  Nothing fancy – nothing complicated.  Just a little something to “nosh” on, to “wet our whistle”, and be with old acquaintances.

We have also learned that High School was not necessarily such a wonderful place or time for a great number of us – hence the fact that we have only had between 150 – 200 or so of our classmates return for Reunion Gatherings.  It seems as if many of us really did not want to see our old classmates and were in touch with our friends already.

But this is the 50th year of our Graduation.  A true milestone in our life.  Maybe this is the time to see how others have fared and to find those people who were our friends who we have lost over the years.

The purpose of this Web Site is to provide a way for you to communicate with old classmates and friends.  It is not just limited to Reunion Plans.  With the aid of other “social media” systems we intend to provide you a way to check up on old friends or just people about whom you are curious, and to get the word out about yourself as well – “networking” maybe a useful term.

We hope that as we develop the site you will “blog” with your friends and enemies, “chat” with others, and get and provide information that may be useful to others in ways that you have not yet imagined.  The site will not be limited to members of our class or even school alone – we welcome the participation of others.

Before you leave, check out the 50th Reunion plans and make plans to join us.

At the 46th Reunion those of us who attended really discovered that there were people in the class who were worth knowing and others who we barely knew who have now become friends.  This is the 50th year, after all.

A quick note just to let you know that your Reunion Committee has worked very hard to provide you a special affair at a very affordable price – much less than most other 50 Year Reunions.  And, as always, we pledge that every classmate should be able to attend the affair and no one will be turned away because of financial duress – just give any of us a call and we will take it from there.

I may be the only one who promised 50 years ago to work and plan these Reunions – it was part of my platform when I ran for Senior Class President of the Summer Class.  But I am glad I made that pledge and glad that I had the support of many others of our classmates because even the best plans prevented even me from attending all the affairs.   But I will be at this one, and so should you.  Please feel free to call me, personally, or any other members of the committee to discuss any concern that you may have.  We want to help everyone attend that wants to attend.

Looking forward to seeing you in October.

 -Robert Michaels, President
Fairfax High School Senior Class – Summer 1963
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