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Please Don’t Take it Personally

unhappy faceOne of the great pleasures of coordinating the Reunion is the opportunity to speak on the phone, or communicate via the internet, with so many of you before the actual Reunion event.  It really is fun reminiscing about our high school days and catching up on the past 50 years.

Many of you are chagrined by the fact that you were not contacted about the upcoming 50th Reunion stating that you have been in the same place for the past 30 years, were at the past three reunions, were contacted 10 years ago and are still at the same place and have even spoken to me in the past few years, and yet you did not receive an invitation.

PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONALLY ! ! !  It is amazing how difficult and time consuming it has turned out to be to contact the over 850 members of our class with only a small volunteer “army” of classmates to assist.  And, you know – things happen over the years.  Computers crash and data bases are lost.  People move and notebooks and lists are lost.  Floods and fires wipe out information stashes, and WE JUST GET OLD AND LAZY.

Any of you that have not heard from us will hopefully hear from us soon.  You have my personal apologies if we have missed you.  But the Reunion committee decided that it was not worth another $55.00 per person to hire a professional planning committee to coordinate the event – with the possibility that they might find a few more people.  We are trying hard to do it ourselves, and we are succeeding – all be it slowly.

In the meantime, CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU !!  If you are reading this note than it is likely that you used your ingenuity to search us out and you found us.  So you now have the Reunion information and we are looking forward to seeing you in October.


Please feel free to call me, personally, if there is anything that we can try and do or you to make it easier for you to attend the Reunion.

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