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Communication and Finding Classmates

The most difficult part about this Reunion organization has been contacting our “lost classmates”.  We did not realize how many people had moved or changed their e-mail addresses since the last Reunion.  And, we did not really know how many people had not given us their e-mail address during our last contact.

We had a professional reunion planner coordinate the 40th Reunion and it cost us an extra $50.00 per person for every person that attended – the price has now gone up to $55.00 per person.  For our 46th Reunion we elected to handle the contacts ourselves, using the list compiled from the Connecting40th and compiling an additional directory of e-mail addresses.

The Reunion Planning Committee, after sampling the class, decided to try and keep the cost down for this Reunion, so we decided to handle “communication” ourselves.  Little did we realize the difficulty we would have.  There is a reason that the “professionals” charge what they charge !  But we are plugging ahead and expect to find almost everyone – on the internet.  There are a few, we have discovered, who are still living in the “dark ages” and we have sent them an invitation by regular mail.

You can help us by letting us know the e-mail address, or, lo I say it, the regular address, of everyone you know in the class, so that we can make sure we have contacted everyone.  We are also using all the social network systems and on-line sleuthing services- but unfortunately this is not helping us to find those who are not “electronically connected” but may have been living at the same address for 35 years.  So your help is very important.

Please send any information to Steffi Chernove or Bob Michaels at their addresses posted all over this Web Site.  [Contact Page]

And it will continue to be important that we have your current e-mail address to remain in touch in the future.  So if you move, or change your e-mail address, PLEASE send us notification.

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